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It's a place for the scammers and liars. Women (mostly from Ghana & Nigeria) supposedly having pictures of either British or Finnish decendants but are in fact guys hiding behind these avatars to extract funds from you.

Don't waste your time & money here. Go to a legit site. They'll befriend you & even call you. Person on the other end even claimed to be the woman.

Sounded excatly like a guy. What nerves these as*holes have. Real *** & parasites of the earth. Some will just ask your profile & disappear forever.

You'll get winks & all sorts of BS. All empty promises.

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When o when are people going to learn. All these dating sites are scams. They steal the pics from all over the net and have their employees pose as them.

Tampa, Florida, United States #944513

Wow this is scary!!! I gave up on single sites years ago not that impressed with them and I gave up on the single scene also experienced so many creeps decided to just e.enjoy me and my daughter as much as possible out of the blue my curiosity got the best of me and now all my personal.

Information. Is floating around out there that is frightening for a single mom


The other comments are correct. I have had the lifetime membership for about 8 months now, and between the cam girl ads and broken speach winkers that rarely respond, it is garbage at best.


I joined up and its true, the women on there only wink at you can don't respond. The ones that do respond want you to go to another site for their *** web cams. It's a waste of time and money.

I total agree. this site is a breeding ground for *** camgirls and hooker rookies :( :cry

+1 Dave


I'm not sure there is a real profile on the site.

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