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I got taking I fall for it i am not happy at all i am going tell you how this site work because there are still doing it to me as of right this site will try to get you to sign up for free but here the catch there will send you many massage from hot looking women tell you that they want to *** with you so when you try to send massage back you cant because you have to upgrade so you pay for a upgrade and you start send massage to them the massage stop they not get back to you some will and tell you to go to a site were there send u they will tell you that free your card wont get charge that a lie your will get charge 25.00 or more they will massage u that there in your town i had a massage tell me that there in was in my town were i live at in a Hotel call Renaissance they text me on my phone so i ask her if she was for real and also ask if she is doing this for money do you know she never reply back to me after several times texting her telling her that she's a fake this is not real to send me something showing that she was at the hotel never got back to me so watch out this website is not real never pay this website never pay this website again and yes I seem and yes I seem to notice all web sites do the same thing do not fall for it it's a money trap

Monetary Loss: $29.

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So you just sign up... get some text messages....

then you're off to go meet them in some hotel when they say they want to *** with you???

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