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Paid lifetime membership and i cant even get them to send my password

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I fell for it an easy looking dating site which is please believe me a scam. It's only a pathway to pay more money for webcams. Promises of local girls and fast hookups are false. I constantly received the same message from multiple girls and never any responses even after subscribing. I hope someone finds a way to *** the site down to stop others who are just down not their luck from getting scammed. I say a class action lawsuit is in order for... Read more

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Yep they copped a $ 615 grand fine in the states Oct 30th 2014 for using Virtual Girls. My area has 1 VG to every male 32.6 males aged 0 to 100yrs break it back to 18 to 70 it would be around 1 Girl per 18 males .. My area has the Most girls in the least populated areas in some cases where there is NO Houses !!! SCAM Best idea if you have used your credit card is to Cancel it and get a new one .. Same here sent about 100 winks etc all replies... Read more

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The website says it doesn't share your email with third parties or any subsidies which is a lie bc I haven't been on the website in several months an I get a email from a random woman saying she got my email from them how is that if you have privacy laws now this woman has contacted me in every form of social media and by phone idk how but she got it well to say the least I didn't realize this after our conversation ended a couple of hours later... Read more

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Was on here for nearly 3 weeks. With no replies at all. Thought the local girls were real. But boy they fooled me. Just a scam I realised. And don't know how to cancel It. Would like to know how. And why no one has stopped it. ...............................? So pissed off. Was so jagged in. Far k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k. I k k k I. Ok k k. Ok. I k k k k k k k k k k k k Read more

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Just hook up may be the biggest dating website scam of all time. The site is 100 percent fake. All fake girls, fake profiles and every message you get is a an employee of the website pretending to be a woman interested in you, completely ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the website is trying to do is rope you in to spending more money by having you pay to have web cam conversations with cam girls that work for the them. The girls promise to go out... Read more

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I like everyone else have sent loads of emails and had no replies. I have a lot of females in near by areas which is bull *** as there is not many people in them areas there is about 50 to 70 houses so everyone in them suburbs are on line dating? This is a scam. Read more

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i sent out over 97 emails to different weman and not one reply this site is run on droids or fake profiles.dont waist your time on this site there is nothing there but web site links and web cam clubs for big$$$$$. read my lips poeple ITS A SCAM AND A RIP OFF.dont get taken like i did. i never recieved the first reply. the only thing you will receive is invites to join very big $$$$ web clubs or links to join other hook up sites that i am shore... Read more

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Bought their full package. Started getting some flirty messages, some claiming to be in my town guaranteeing a personal encounter if I would jump through their hoops that led to a cam site that you had to give your credit card number to in order to continue. I live in a small town in a small rural area with several small one horse towns surrounding the area. Started finding the same pictures with different descriptions listed in the other towns... Read more

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Complete ***. Followed one girl too Facebook on purpose, I asked was she working for the company and I was blocked .

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